New Location!! ****

09-11-2022 Update:

Update 1
Since the end of NLS 2022, we've been looking for a location that resembled the amazing character of our Carlton hotel, but needed a bigger location to facilitate our ever expanding user experience. We are in talks with a great hotel, new updates at the end of November!!

Update 2
We are happy to announce that we started the process to create an even better user experience for 2023! This means better logistics, but also better NLS suggestions and recommendations that will make your stay even better.
Keep an close eye on this page and our Facebook page. Every noteworthy change will be communicated as soon as possible.


    Be mindful of other guests!!
    We can't leave our stuff to be cleaned up
    We can't create disturbance in our rooms
    We definitely can't be in the bar without ordering

    We are extremely fortunate to have such an environment, so please appreciate the setting ❤️

    Focus on common sense when it comes to health!
    *Cough attack? Step away
    *Sneeze attack? Step away
    *Don't talk close face to face
    *Wash your hands when/if possible
    **COVID is stable, but definitely NOT over!!**

    Not in the lobby or in the dancerooms

    Keep the doors closed (other guests:)