Your NeverlandSwing Rules

NeverlandSwing tickets
- Tickets are non-refundable.
- Any refunds issued are at the sole discretion of the proprietor and will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, and on a goodwill basis.
- No refunds will be entertained after the event has commenced.
- Tickets are transferable within the same gender, provided Neverland Swing is contacted more than 1 week prior to the start of the event with details of the transferred registrant.
- If details are not provided in, then entry may be refused.
- Reselling of the ticket can be sold for less, but can’t be sold more than what the original Pass Price was.
- Payments will be possible through the use of Paypal, a bank transfer or by paying cash (please keep your deadlines in mind 😉 ).
- Entry to the event is at the discretion of the event directors – Gordon Mac Donald and Rosette Spijker
- The event director reserves the right to add, modify, remove and adjust elements of the event in the best interests of the overall event, wellbeing of staff and attendees, and for operational reasons.
- The event director will endeavour to inform customers accordingly should this be necessary, to the best of our ability.

Social behaviour, Conduct and Safe zone policy
- Participants of NeverlandSwing are expected to behave in a courteous and polite manner to staff, other attendees, hotel staff and the public at all times. A failure to do so may result in registrants being asked to leave the event.
- Particularly when dancing, attendees are asked to ensure they leave sufficient space around them on the dance floor, and pay close attention to other dancers, minimising the risk of any contact or injury.
- Dancing is an aerobic activity, and attendees with relevant medical conditions, or family history of such are advised to contact their doctor regarding suitability of the event. Although Neverland Swing goes to great lengths to ensure participants to have a safe and enjoyable time, due to the nature of dancing as an activity, we are unable to accept liability for any injury to persons at the event (e.g. slips, falls etc). We will make sure you will have immediate assistance and support when something unfortunate does happen.
- We will have a Safe Zone Security Officer in place. This is Gordon Mac Donald, who has an extensive background as a youth and domestic violance councelor. Gordon will act as the medium to address issues on/off the dancefloor and altercations during the NeverlandSwing weekend.
- Please use common sense as a participant of NeverlandSwing, be aware that you are first and foremost responsible for your own safety and wellbeing. When you feel that this becomes a liability (becoming drunk, getting harassed, engaging in a heated discussion), please seek assistence from our NLS Core staff (24/7) !!!
- We have a clear and succesful policy regarding non-WCS related situations and have been able to maintain this through all of our editions.
- Physical, emotional or sexual violence will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ejection from the event, and reporting to the appropriate authorities.