Guidelines & Policy

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NeverlandSwing Gordon Mac Donald
Registration: please visit DanceApp

Levels: if not mentioned otherwise on the pass, registering for workshops or intensives will automatically be based on the WSDC level. A possibility to upgrade through an audition will be given out for certain levels.

  • In general it is possible to visit workshops one level down than registered, as long as it does not negatively impact the quality of the experience for the attendees of that specific level.

Intensives: eligible to sign up for an intensive pass are all pass holders, except for the Weekend Party Pass holder!

WSDC Competition Access:
Full Pass*, Party Pass**, Beginner Full Pass***, Free Full Pass**** and the All Star Full Pass*****.
* all workshops on a given level; all parties; possibility to register for intensives; access to the WSDC competitions.
** all parties; possibility to register for intensives; access to the WSDC competitions; no access to workshops.
*** workshops in the Newcomer level; all parties; possibility to register for intensives; access to the WSDC competition JnJs Newcomer, Strictly Novice and All European.
**** the Full Pass given out for free for being a Neverland Swing 2022 winner.
***** the Full Pass given out for free in exchange for judging.

Social Dancer Pass with no access to WSDC competitions:
Weekend Full Pass° and Weekend Party Pass°°.
° workshops on a given level on saturday and sunday; parties on friday, saturday and sunday; possibility to register for intensives; no access to WSDC competitions.
°° parties on friday, saturday and sunday; no access to workshops, intensives and WSDC competitions.

Price Policy

All prices are displayed on our website under “registration” in the EURO currency. They are based on the 1st come, 1st served principle and payment are due within 14 days after the registration has been accepted.
The price is gradually increasing based on the availability of the pass at a given price. The price at the time of acceptance is valid, eg. if being freed from a waiting list the price at the time of confirmation of attendance will apply.

  • exchange: a paid/confirmed or not paid/confirmed registration/pass, can be exchanged on the buyers side for the same role (for all passes) and/or level (full and weekend pass)!
    ATTENTION: be aware of SCAMS! We recommend that prior to an exchange/money transfer between yourselves, that you first check the name/email/pass with Us under:
  • cancellation: a registration can be canceled for no specific reason until the payment has been completed on both sides. Once a registration has been paid/completed, no cancellation/refund is possible no matter the circumstances on the buyers side. Registrations that are not paid within the given timeframe, are automatically canceled and a new registration based on the current prices will apply to still have a chance to be part of the event.
  • refund: Should it not be possible for Us, to hold the event a full refund (note: all payment transaction costs excluded) will be made through the payment system used during the registration up to the lastest, 1 months after the official event dates. No other refund policy applies.

*NOTE*: We hold the right to cancel/exclude without right for a refund of any kind any registration/participant not following the rules of the event at any time up to 1 months after the event.

  • Group Pass: a 10 EUR discount on the Full Pass only for the Normal & Late Bird price will be given out to a Role and Level Balanced Group of 10 Dancers.
    There will be one designated Group Leader being the direct contact person for all terms, payments and balance specifics. Once the group has fully registered according to the guidelines and paid, a final confirmation will be given to the group. Dancers who have already paid for a pass can not be part of the Group. Dancers who already registered but have not paid yet, should cancel their registration in order to benefit from the discount. Example on a group setting: 3xLeader novice, 1xLeader intermediate, 1xLeader advance, 3xFollower novice, 1x Follower intermediate, 1xFollower advance
Code of Conduct

A registration through the NeverlandSwing website and the Dance App are being processed in accordance with the GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation and replaces the previous Data Protection. Submitting a registration gives:

  • consent to all the rules and policies displayed on the site as the given social media channels of the NeverlandSwing edition.
  • consent of picture and video recordings during the event and the use of the recording on the website and all IT- channels including social media.
  • permission to receive E-Mails on the submitted email address on all matters of the Event and its editions.
  • permission to the organizer to prevent one from attending the event who does not follow the rules set or stick to the general conduct rules (paid registration are not eligible for refund should this be necessary).
  • Depending on location, the water, soft/alcoholic drinks and food consumption policy will be subjected to specific rules available on the website and in the social media channels prior to the event.
  • Only pass holders and staff are able to enter the premises of the event.
  • Participants of NeverlandSwing are expected to behave in a courteous and polite manner to staff, other attendees, hotel staff and the public at all times and follow the quiet and other rules of the event location/hotel. A failure to do so may result in registrants being asked to leave the event. Particularly when dancing, attendees are asked to ensure they leave sufficient space around them on the dance floor, and pay close attention to other dancers, minimizing the risk of any contact or injury.
  • Dancing is an aerobic activity, and attendees with relevant medical conditions, or family history of such are advised to contact their doctor regarding suitability of the event. Although Neverland Swing goes to great lengths to ensure participants have a safe and enjoyable time, due to the nature of dancing as an activity, we are unable to accept liability for any injury to persons at the event (e.g. slips, falls etc). We will make sure you will have immediate assistance and support when something unfortunate does happen.
  • The Safe Zone Security Officer in place. This is Gordon Mac Donald, who has an extensive background as a youth and domestic violance councelor. Gordon will act as the medium to address issues on/off the dancefloor and altercations during the NeverlandSwing weekend. Please use common sense as a participant of NeverlandSwing, be aware that you are first and foremost responsible for your own safety and wellbeing. When you feel that this becomes a liability (becoming drunk, getting harassed, engaging in a heated discussion), please seek assistance from our NLS Core staff (24/7) !!! We have a clear and successful policy regarding non-WCS related situations and have been able to maintain this through all of our editions. Physical, emotional or sexual violence will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ejection from the event, and reporting to the appropriate authorities.