Neverland Swing 2018 Results

JnJ Sophisticated

1. Gérald Imbratta and Stéphanie Bruwier – West Coast Swing Helsinki
2. Cliff Pereira and Tiane Vongphasouk – Scotland Swing Classic
2. Stéphane Gazzotti and Hanna Kiminki – Jingle Land

Strictly Novice

1. Geoffrey Seguy and Alicia Couturier – TLV SwingFest
2. Paul Pronk and Miranda Lam – Paris Westie Fest
3. Martin Lahmann and Nicole Lahmann – FinnFest

Strictly Open

1. Mark Miller and Agnieszka Dzierwa – Asian Open
2. Nir David and Karin Kakun – Norway Westie Fest
3. Gérald Imbratta and Hanna Tuominen – Moscow Westie Fest

JnJ Newcomer

1. Arnold Van der Veen and Astrid Basili – Winter Coast Swing
2. Torsten Von Borstel and Nettie Hermens – Citadel Swing
3. Peter Puelinckx and Charlotte Lindelow-Marsden – Kiwi Fest

JnJ Novice

1. Andrew Ng and Dorothea Koletsos – Swing Resolution
2. Kay Thust and Christine Huang – Swingtzerland
3. Alexandru Tanasoiu and Alicia Couturier – Carnival Swing Cologne

JnJ Intermediate

1. Frédéric Jover and Mélodie Paletta – Neverland Swing
2. Manoah Bernabela and Andreia Ghimis – Milan Modern Swing
3. Armand Buisson and Dana Khazanova – Westy Nantes

JnJ Advanced / All-Star

1. Gérald Imbratta and Laura Conforti-Roussel – Korean Open
2. Jérôme Chanchom and Raushaniya Maksudova – The After Party
3. Wayne Powell and Claire Métais – Dutch Open