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Competitions to be booked/paid closer to the Weekend

Intensive in planning!
Topic wishes? Judging, Zouk, Hip Hop, Musicality… 
Your Neverland Swing 2023:
  • Social activities,
  • Dancing ’til the early morning,
  • WSDC Competitions JnJs & Strictly,
  • Shows and Routines: Pro Shows, Rising Star, PureSwing Dance etc.
  • Private lessons with your favorite Pros.

Beginner Pass: workshops in the Newcomer level 1; all parties; possibility to register for intensives; access to the WSDC competition JnJs Newcomer, Strictly Novice and All European.
Full Pass: access to all.
Party Pass: access to all parties, intensives and WSDC competitions.
*** All Star Pass: the Full Pass in exchange for judging.

Social Dancer Pass:
* Weekend Full Pass
: workshops on saturday and sunday; parties on friday, saturday and sunday; possibility to register for intensives; NO access to WSDC competitions.
** Weekend Party Pass: parties on friday, saturday and sunday; NO access to workshops, intensives and WSDC competitions.

Single registration: waiting lists until a partner can be assigned. The price at the time of acceptance will apply. To free a dancer from the waiting list? Add the full name and email address in the comment section of your single registration.

Workshop Levels: currently in planing 5 Levels (incl. Adv/AllStar).
If not mentioned otherwise on the pass, registering for workshops or intensives will automatically be based on the actual WSDC level.
A possibility to upgrade through an audition will be given out for certain levels.
In general it is possible to visit classes in lower levels as long as it does not negatively impact the quality of the experience for the attendees of that specific level.